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Nélio Veiga


Generated knowledge promoting the Oral Health of the Centro region population by quantifying and characterizing the health and disease determinant distribution and establishing interventions in Community Health. Focused on both extremes of the vital cycle (infants, children and adolescents, and adults over 55 years old). Within these groups, vulnerable populations receive special attention.

The main contributions include primary prevention strategies and programs:

  • Actions in schools “O meu melhor sorriso” program;
  • Participation in the “Atividade Senior-VISEU”.

Most of the work has been done not only in the community but also for and with the community and a good example of the impact this research has, is the success of the project “Pequenos Grandes Sorrisos” a proposal recognized by the Municipality of Viseu (both the Executive and the citizens who voted for it) as being worth the funds under the Orçamento Participativo. The goal is to improve the Oral Health of children in care institutions.


  • "O meu melhor sorriso" - The project consists in the education and promotion of good and adequate oral heath behavior's among the community, early diagnosis of oral diseases and application of preventive measures. During the contact with the community, epidemiological data collection is accomplished in order to characterize the oral heath behaviours in the population and understand the distribution and determinants of oral diseases, namely, dental caries and periodontal disease.